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Hi friends

My name is Zoe Sterling.

I have worked in Information Technology for more than 12 years.  I enjoy learning new technologies and sharing what I’ve learned with others.  I work as an IT Manager for more than one company and I learn something new nearly every day.  Learning is fun!

I’ve complete some fairly complex IT projects for the various companies I’ve worked for, including server installations, company mergers and migrations, telephone systems, SQL server data analysis, designing network infrastructures and server rooms, configuring routers and VPN’s, etc., etc..  And yes I have a few IT Qualifications!

I enjoy designing new websites and managing a web hosting reseller account for my customers, so I run Embertech as a business for doing web design for small businesses and sole traders as well as home user PC repairs and Antivirus, etc..

I’m in my late 30′s and have the best family anyone could wish for, and they make me extremely happy.

Rather than filling this page with a load of boring waffle, that I think you should know about me.  I’d like my visitors to ask me what they would like to know.  I’d also like you to tell me about yourself and what you’re trying to achieve.

I hope you enjoy the couse and if you could help me make improvements, please post constructive comments and keep it clean, as offensive comments will be removed so as not to spoil the enjoyment for others.

Many thanks for stopping by – your support is appreciated.



Zoe Sterling (MCP)

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