Lesson 1 – Intro to Starting a Blog


This lesson should give you a basic overview of how some people start a blog and how I recommend you start a blog based on personal first hand experiences.

Lets Start

Most people start a blog, by going to either www.blogger.com or www.wordpress.com and signing up for a new account.  So what’s the difference and how do you choose?

Listed below are the main differences that I could see between the two different systems:

Blogger.com WordPress.com
  • 1GB for image
  • No image browser
  • 10 Static Pages
  • Static Menus
  • Editable Themes
  • Good Stats
  • SPAM filter poor
  • Bad Neighbourhood
  • Poor search engine
  • Less Plugins
  • 3GB for images
  • Media Library
  • Unlimited Static Pages
  • Custom Menus
  • Pay for Editing Themes
  • Limited Stats
  • Stronger Akismet SPAM
  • Restricted content
  • Good search engine opt.
  • More Plugins

You would choose www.wordpress.com if you want more features, don’t mind being charged for editing the design, don’t have a problem with strict content policy and need good search engine ratings.

www.blogger.com would be your preferred choice if you don’t want to pay for editing the themes, don’t have many pages and are concerned that your content may be blocked or edited if you used WordPress.

As you can see, both of these options have limitations and you’ll find that most blogging websites have their own limitations too.  So what else is there?  What other alternative blog systems are there I could use, that will allow me to grow my site, has good search engine rankings, doesn’t restrict my content, has loads of features, free editable themes and icing on top!

The answer is WordPress.  But not WordPress.com, I’m talking about installing WordPress as your own website, not setting up a blog on somebody elses website.

I can hear it now …… “That sounds complicated?”.

Well I can assure you that its easy and even my 10 year old daughter could do it, following these basic lessons.  And not only will you install WordPress to your own website, but you’ll create something that will look like you’ve had it done by a professional designer.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages between going to wordpress.com and installing it yourself on your own website (Private WordPress).

WordPress.com Private WordPress

  • Requires no installation. Create and Go.
  • Don’t need your own hosting and its free.


  • You cannot hyperlink to affiliate sales to monetize your site.
  • You cannot install your own design.
  • Content restricted

  • Upload own designs (no fees)
  • Hyperlink to Anywhere.
  • Make a complete website


  • Requires a little more knowledge of jargon.
  • Requires own web space.

Since we need to know a little bit of jargon to get started, the next lesson explains a little bit about the jargon you’re going to need to know.  Click here to go to Lesson 2 – Jargon Made Easy or skip to Lesson 3 - Where to buy Hosting if you feel that you know enough jargon and want to look at different hosting options to choose from and get started.


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