Lesson 2 – Jargon Made Easy


This lesson aims to explain some of the jargon associated with starting your own blog, which will help you understand the other lessons, if you’re unsure what the terms ‘hosting’, ‘domain name’, ‘hosting packages’ and ‘hosting provider’ mean.

Lets Start

Domain Names

People forget that they use the term ‘domain’ in every day language.  A domain is a place of territory i.e. your home.  In internet speak it means the same thing.  So a Domain Name is the name of your home.  Your home is the name of your web address. e.g. www.mylovelysite.co.uk.  You type in the domain name to get to someone’s website if you know what it is.  You would buy a domain name (a web address) from a Domain Registrar.

Web Hosting


I like to explain ‘Web Hosting’ as the house that is located at your address (web address).

After you buy your address (web address) you need to stick a house on it!  Although you don’t buy the house you will only rent it, called a Web Package.

Once you’ve bought your new Web Hosting and you visit your web address, you are likely to see a ‘welcome to your hosting’ page.  This is a bit like opening the front door of your new house to find a letter on the porch to welcome you to your new home.

Click here for an example of a welcome page.  Your web hosting will also be referred to as your ‘web space‘.

Then depending on how you are going to make your website, you will eventually put files on your Web Space.  This can be thought of as moving the furniture in. Your website and web files will be the furniture.  So when somebody visits your web address, they see your website.  The index.html file is your ‘home page’ and this is like the front door to your new home. Every website needs an index.html.

Web Packages / Hosting Packages

A web package is the term used when buying your Web Hosting.  The web package is the content of your web hosting.  Maybe you could think of it as the furniture in your new house.  There are different types of packages (houses) for rent, some cost more than others and they will have different features on them, just like choosing a house with a new fitted kitchen or fitted wardrobes, a hosting package contains its own fixtures and fittings as well.

There are two main types of web hosting, called Linux and Windows.  If you want to create a WordPress Blog (which is why you’re here isn’t it?), then you’ll need to look for Linux Web Hosting, or Linux Web Packages.  Linux has more ‘fixtures and fittings’ than Windows.

If you’re following these 12 Lessons, then you’ll be learning how to set up WordPress as your new website in Lesson 4.

Hosting Provider

These are the people (companies) you rent your hosting packages from.  I use the word ‘rent’ because you pay for your hosting annually as a rental fee.  Your web space is only ever on a leasehold agreement.

Next Lesson

The next lesson (Lesson 3 – Where to buy web hosting) will explain where you can buy your web hosting packages.



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