Lesson 4 – Install WordPress 1 Click


The aim of this lesson, is to have you installing WordPress, as the software that will run your website or blog.  It will automatically install all the files needed to power your website and create a database in the background without having to know anything about HTML or web programming.

Lets Start

Installing WordPress is fairly easy.  Although it has been named ‘WordPress 1 Click Install’, but yet it does require a few additional clicks, to get started.

Step 1 – Where to find WordPress 1 Click Install

Firstly, you’ll need to log in to your ‘hosting’ control panel.  If you host with www.embertechsolutions.co.uk, there are two ways to access your control panel, you can either log in to your account at www.embertechsolutions.co.uk and work from there, or go direct to the control panel website at www.extendcp.com.

…. go to www.extendcp.com and enter your usename and password, key in the security check code and login.

Your control panel view should look similar to this:

Scroll down the page to the CGI Script section and click on ‘WordPress Blog’:

Step 2 – Installing WordPress to your Web Hosting

Now we’re ready to tell the system where to install WordPress.  You can install WordPress to any folder on your website, but if you are planning to use this as your main site, you should accept the ‘defaults’ provided and just click ‘Install Now’.

As you’ll see from the next screen, the installation has completed.

Click on the link to your new website/blog, i.e. http://www.mywebsite.co.uk

Step 3 – What kind of blog?

Before you can begin, WordPress needs to know if you are going to be using Multi Blog or a Single Blog.  For this lesson we are only installing a ‘Single’ blog, so click on ‘Single’.



On the next screen (below) you need to enter a site title, leave the username as ‘admin’, and enter a ‘strong’ password.  A strong password should include a capital letter, some numbers and some lower case letters.  Key in your email address and click ‘Install WordPress’

WordPress, has now finished its installation and you can login to your new website ready for lesson 5.

Once you are logged in, you should be sitting looking at the dashboard, like this:

NOTE: If you are using a different web host, the steps taken to install WordPress may be slightly different.



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